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Soul Surf & Soul Adventures, Inc.

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Soul Surf Mission

To serve the local community in Orange County and the surrounding areas through Christian surf programs and events.

Soul Surfing School

We are an established part of the community serving Southern California for over six years. As a surf ministry, we have a unique opportunity to capture a market drawn to Orange County through media exposure and the surf industry boom.

Soul Adventures, Inc.

A non-profit division of Soul Surfing School, our vision is to share the Gospel and disciple this generation into a genuine and fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Soul Surf Story

Our primary goal is to be a local outreach mission. The program consists of surf camps, clinics, retreats and after-school clubs.

We are committed to providing professional instruction, ensure students’ safety and encourage an appreciation of the ocean. We desire to be a positive witness of our Christian faith both in the surfing industry and in the community.

Kids who attend the surf camps will experience the thrill of surfing in a beautiful location with a focus on their relationship with Jesus. Our goal includes strengthening the walk of Christian kids who attend the camp in addition to sharing the gospel message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with non-Christians and providing an outreach ministry to surfers in and out of the water.

Help Support Our Ministries!

Donations to Soul Surfing School (Soul Adventures, Inc.) go directly toward Soul Surfing Camps to fund after school activities, weekend surf trips and administrative costs.

We have many requests for scholarships and these funds also allow us to offer full and partial scholarships to low income and special needs kids/families. You can also designate your donation for a specific camper of your choice—from your family, church or neighborhood. Donations can be made in any amount either as a one time gift or monthly payments.

Soul Surfing Camps makes a fantastic gift too—and is an awesome way to share the Gospel!

Donate with a credit card online or at our local Laguna Beach Soul Store or by sending a check to:

Soul Adventures, Inc.
290 Pearl Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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