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Soul Surf Elementary Team Series


Register for the 2018-19 Elementary Series Now!

Registration for the 2016-17 Season is CLOSED.
Next Season Registration Begins in August 2017.

Soul Surf Elementary Team Series

Soul Adventure Inc. is proud to be offering Elementary Grade Surfing Competitions on our local Orange County Beaches.

Our vision for this series is to provide a high quality Surf Competition for Elementary surfers to experience competing as a team.
The Elementary Team Series will run on Sundays.

Right now, we have the following teams that surfers can request to join:
HB • NB • Laguna • San Clemente • Carlsbad/Oceanside • Encinitas • Del Mar
We are open to adding teams in other areas as well.

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4-Man Heat Format

We are proud to announce the new format for Soul Surf series 2018/2019.

8 Total Events

Events run from September 30, 2018 to the Championship event on May 5, 2019.

Grades K thru 6

Events will be combined Boys/Girls. Under 9 kids can have push-ins. All levels welcome!

2018-19 Remaining Event Dates

All Soul Surf Members are eligible for the championship event.
Individual heats will be open registration to all.

All dates and locations are subject to change.

APR 14


La Jolla Shores


MAY 25


Registration Deadline is May 10th


Forming an Elementary Team

Confirm your team’s participation as soon as possible by email.
See the Schedule and the Eligibility & Requirements below.

All team must have surfers U13 (under 13 at Jan 1st, 2019) up to 6th grade.
For U9 (under 9) surfers we will allow push in but encourage the surfers to paddle in
on their own whenever possible to gain experience and confidence.

  • Divisions will be combined Boys/Girls
  • All levels welcome
  • Elementary School Teams are grades K through 6th
  • All teams must turn in a copy of CPR and First Aid certification on file one a host parent or coach to Soul Surf
  • All required forms turned in and fees paid to the Soul Surf
  • Multiple schools may combine as one team (subject to annual approval of Soul Surf)
  • For a team to compete in the Championship Event, the team must have competed in a minimum of 4 out of 5 previous events.
  • Soul Surf Elementary team comps are intended for a school-based team program.
    —We will allow flexibility on combination teams in your school district and/or county area.
  • Members of a team must be enrolled fulltime in the district/area for which they surf.
  • Members enrolled fulltime in Charter Schools or other California state approved programs may surf
    for their school of residence (that which they would attend according to school district and home address)
    and must adhere to that school district’s policy.
  • If there is not a team at your school of residence then you can choose another school in your school district
    in accordance with district/school athletic policy.
  • Students must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to compete in SOUL SURF competitions.
  • Shortboards 7’6” and under.
  • All required forms and membership fees are received by SOUL SURF.
  • At least one of the parents/coaches must have current CPR and First Aid Certification.
  • A copy of each members Student Membership and Emergency Form and Student Waiver must be onsite at all club/team activities.
  • A copy of a valid CA Driver’s License will be required for all coaching staff so that we may do a background check.

Initial registration deadline is September 22nd
Payments can be made up to the first event.

There are two fees due. There are no refunds after the deadline date.

  1. Student Membership : $100 per student, or $175 for family.
  2. Team Entry for Regular Season Contests: (Individual heat fees are separate)
    • Bulk Season rate at $420 for the 7 events if paid in full by deadline of Sept. 22nd (+ membership fee=$520)
    • Or $75 per Event (+ membership fee=$175 for first event)
      (Team member still must sign the commitment for the whole season)

These fees based on a minimum of 4 surfers per team. We will allow your team to add as you go with a maximum of 8 surfers. If you have more than 8 surfers, then we’ll do a Team A and Team B.

The Championship Event fee is $90 per student.

NOTE: CHURCH BEACH event parking is $20 per vehicle, per event. Please carpool—Van’s are included!
PARKING MUST BE RESERVED (checkbox on registration site) and paid in cash on the day of the event, at the lot.

Register Now!

All forms are digital. Please download the form from your browser after clicking on the link and fill out electronically. You can email them back using the link at the bottom of the forms.

All forms must be signed and completed and membership fees paid by September 22nd.

download form   Team Entry Form (only one per team)
download form   Team Roster (only one per team)
download form   Student Membership Form (one for each surfer)
download form   Student Liability Waiver (one for each surfer)